About Presvac Systems

About Presvac

For 50 years Presvac has been recognized as the premier manufacturer of standard and custom vacuum equipment. Truck, trailer, skid (roll off or stationary), or rail car mounted we have built it all.

Let our exceptional team of: salesmen, engineers and fabricators work with you to create a quality piece of vacuum equipment for your most demanding application.


Presvac manufacturing facilities are located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. 50 km from Toronto and 75 km from the US Border. Located off Highway 403 which provides easy access to USA via major highways.


Presvac was founded in 1972 to serve the market for septic and farm application vacuum trucks. In 1976 the company started building vacuum systems for hazardous waste applications. Product line expanded to include to include trailers, and dump units in both carbon and stainless steel. In 1995 the company entered the air mover market. Air movers use Postive Displacement Blowers or Liquid Ring Pumps to generate high airflow and deep vacuum. This enables loading of dry materials & heavy sludges. Applications include: steel mills, power plants, mining, line jetting, construction, spill clean-up etc. In 1998 the company entered the Hydro-Vac market. Hydro excavation uses medium pressure water & vacuum to safely expose underground infrastructure. In 2004 Presvac opened a plant dedicated solely to aluminum tank production. Going forward the company continues to look for new markets and applications for vaccum equipment.