Product Spotlight: Wagg’s Petroleum Powervac Mini 1650 CFM

Wagg’s Petroleum - Powervac Mini 1650 CFM



Customer: Wagg’s Petroleum
Model: Powervac Mini 1650 CFM

  • Ontario SPIF21 Configuration
  • 3500 Imperial Gallon Tank
  • Pintle Hook Connection For Pup Trailer
  • 5 USG @ 2000 PSI Water Pump In Heated And Insulated Cabinet
  • 3” Roper Transfer Pump
  • Hose Handling Arm

Applications: Site decontamination

Clean-up services for: light fuels, waste oil/sludges, carwash pits, oil/water separators, fuel spills, landfill leachate

More details about the Powervac Mini 1650 CFM unit visit the product page here.

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