HydroChem PSC - Liquid Vac Non-Code

HydroChem PSC - Liquid Vac Non-Code



Customer: HydroChem PSC
Model: Liquid Vac Non-Code

  • 5000 US Gallon Carbon Steel Dump Tank
  • Fruitland RCF 870 Vacuum Pump
  • 525 CFM @ Free Air, 450 @ 15” HG
  • 27” HG Maximum Vacuum
  • 15 PSI Maximum Pressure
  • 110 Volt Inverter, Back-Up Camera, Hoist And Rear Door Alarms

Applications: Plant Maintenance, Non-Hazardous Material Transport

More details about the Liquid Vac Non-Code unit visit the product page here.

Check out HydroChem PSC on their website.


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