Region Of Huronia Environmental Services - Liquid Vac Trailer

Region Of Huronia Environmental Services - Liquid Vac Trailer


Customer: Region Of Huronia Environmental Services
Model: Liquid Vac Trailer

  • 9600 US Gallons SS 316 Two Color Paint
  • Vacuum Pump: Presvac PV750
  • Max Vacuum: 28" HG Continuous
  • Max Pressure: 35 PSI
  • Free Air CFM: 400
  • CFM @ 15" HG: 350
  • Drive: Deutz Diesel

Applications: Pumping, hauling and disposal of waste bentonite produced in the underground drilling process, Pumping, transport and disposal of waste, such as oily water from ships, abandoned fuel tanks, etc., Pumping and storage of contents of wash pits to facilitate cleaning, Pumping, transport and disposal of used motor oil or furnace oil intended for re-use, Emergency pumping with respect to spills, overflows, or hazardous materials being disposed of or accumulating in cache basins or manholes, Pumping, transport and disposal of sludge from lift locks, Pumping, transport and disposal of pulp and plastic waste, Cleaning of septic chambers, grit chambers, digestors and interceptors,Pumping, temporary storage and transport of chemical, and hazardous, non-toxic waste, Provision of pressurized water used in the testing of underground gas lines.

More details about the Liquid Vac Trailer unit visit the product page here.

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