VOC Scrubber

VOC Scrubber

As more jurisdictions move to regulate vacuum truck emissions the Presvac Liquid Vac With VOC Scrubbing is your best solution.


Rotary Vane Options: Presvac, Fruitand, CVS or whatever your company operates.

Rating: Full Vacuum (28HG), 200 - 500 CFM

Code Tank: ASME, DOT 407/412, TC 407/412 or Dual Plated DOT/TC, 35 PSI Max

Tank Material: Carbon Steel, SS 304, SS 316 or SS 316 High Polish

Tank Capacity: 500 - 8000 US Gallons

VOC Scrubber: 150 US Gallon Liquid Scrubber, 14 Cubic Ft Carbon Srubber. Service platform with 42" railing for easy change out of filtration media.

Popular Options: Multi-Compartment, Water Pump, Transfer Pump, Heated Valves, Custom Hosetrays & Tool Boxes.

View the brochure here: LiquidVac Dump With Carbon Filtration.pdf (272 KB)

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