Designed for the operator, everything is laid out for ease of operation. Fully insulated for extreme weather conditions. Degrease, steam, pressure wash & recover economically with the Presvac Combovac.


Blower Options: Hibon, Roots or Robuschi

Rating: Full Vacuum (28HG), 500 - 1600 CFM

Code Tank: ASME, DOT 407/412, TC 407/412 or Dual Plated DOT/TC, 35 PSI Max

Non-Code Tank: Heavy Duty Construction, Relief @ 14.5 PSI

Tank Material: Carbon Steel, SS 304, SS 316 or SS 316 High Polish.

Tank Capacity: 3000 - 8000 US Gallons.

Water Tank: 1000 US Gallons SS 304, installed in insulated cabinet.

Degreasing System: Air powered diaphragm pump, with 100' of hose.

Steam System: 980,000 BTU burner, low flow pump, 100' of steam hose with wand, nozzle & quick coupler.

Wash System: 14 GPM, 3500 PSI Max, 100' x 1/2" Hose. Runs simultaneously with blower.

Winterization: Glycol tank connected to water pump supply lines to fill check valves. Air blowdown connection, coild airline and truck air access coupler to blow out water pump piping and reels. Loading valves heated with truck engine coolant.

Popular Options: Boom, Custom Cabinets & Hosetrays, Custom Paint.

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